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No matter your appetite or cravings, our menu has something for everyone. Explore a range of classic dishes, playful kids’ options, and indulgent desserts. Ready your utensils for a classic 1950’s diner meal!

The Bristol 45 Diner Story

The Bristol 45 Diner Story

Bristol Diner About Us

Our Story

For over 60 years, our location has been a cherished community diner, with Bristol 45 Diner proudly opening its doors in May 2008. Word-of-mouth and a fantastic Kenosha News feature quickly made us a local favorite.

Owners Glen and Tricia Nelson fell in love with the building, initially planning to remodel it for a new restaurant venture. Their vision changed when they partnered with Jesus Villalobos, a seasoned restaurant expert who now leads our kitchen with passion. Glen and Tricia focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere and spreading the word about Bristol 45 Diner.

We owe a huge thanks to Tricia’s parents, George and Judy Hockney, who inspired our 1950s theme and continue to support us with events and promotions. Thank you to Kevin Sampica, Tim Wolcott of Wolcott Construction, and the warm community of Bristol for helping us realize our dream.

A Diner for Everyone

Bristol 45 Diner is a place for all ages! Our vibrant 50s décor, from the zodiac booths to the classic soda counter, delights young and old alike. Enjoy delicious food and reminisce while classic fifties tunes play softly in the background.

Our name pays homage to both our location on Highway 45 and our love of vintage 45 rpm records—they’re even on display!

Come for the Food, Stay for the Fun

Since 2008, we’ve hosted popular spring and summer classic car shows right next to the diner. They’ll be happening twice a month on the 1st and 3rd (and 5th, if applicable) Monday, weather permitting!

Contact Bristol 45 Diner

Contact Bristol 45 Diner

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Bristol 45 Diner is very easy to find! We are located at 8321-200th Ave (Hwy 45) in Bristol, WI.

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Sunday 7AM – 7PM
Monday 8AM – 8PM
Tuesday 8AM – 8PM
Wednesday 8AM – 8PM

Thursday 8AM – 8PM
Friday 8AM – 8PM
Saturday 7AM – 8PM

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect present? Why not send your loved ones on a delicious journey back to the ’50s? Our Gift Certificates are your ticket to a nostalgic dining experience filled with classic flavors, timeless tunes, and an atmosphere that’ll whisk you away to the golden days of diners.

Diners are the common ground where people from every walk of life can experience great food and conversation.